Like most of the U.S. I was raised on the Standard American Diet, or SAD, for short. Isn’t that SAD?

Most of the food we consumed growing up was, unknowingly, not food at all. Nothing about the Fruity Pebbles and Kool-Aid was

nutritious nor beneficial for our bodies. That is why more than half of the population today is obese and sick.

 Keep It Simple!

 Eating right is simple; eat real food, grown in nature, free from chemicals. A general rule of thumb…

if it comes in a box, bottle, or can… avoid it!

 Our bodies do not know how to process things that were made in labs and factories like so much of the food found on

today’s grocery shelves. Our insides go berserk trying to maintain calm as it digests obscene amounts of sugar and pesticides.


 Let’s Team Up!

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nutritional information? That’s what I’m here for!

Reach out and let me help you better understand what you’re eating!