Welcome to Eat, Live, Be Healthy and Happy!

Hi! I’m Meghann or Megs as most people call me. I’m a mommy, a lover of all things healthy, a blossoming chef (thanks to Pinterest) and a yoga enthusiast.

I want to be the first to welcome you to my brand new website!

I devote myself to helping others find their path to eating nourishing foods, moving the body, and cleansing the heart and spirit. This is the only life we get, in the only body we get… Why not cherish both and relish in health and happiness as long as we can?

A series simple changes, an open mind, a determined spirit and a yearning to be the best you you can be is all that is needed.

As a graduate from The Institute For Integrative Nutrition I have all the tips, tricks, skills and knowledge needed to help you transform your life.

Are you ready to learn to Eat~Live~Be Healthy & Happy?

If so, please browse through the site to see everything I have to offer. When you are ready to take on the changes you’re looking for, contact me here!